Tory + Stephen

Reflecting on a very special wedding day we documented in late Spring. Tory and Stephen Carey have been dear friends for many years and it was unique honor to be a part of their wedding. They exchanged very personal, self-written vows at the old Marathon Motor Works factory in Nashville, Tennessee. The factory now houses a number of artisan businesses including the revitalized and historic Nelson's Green Brier Distillery which also serves as a wonderful, rustic wedding venue! Tory and Stephen both have the coordinates of their hometown of Jacksonville, Florida tattooed on their bodies as a reminder that no matter what happens they will always be able to find a way home and to each other. Being a part of stories like this is so meaningful to us. Carefully preserving these stories in art form is what keeps our team going. We love what we do and are amazed that we get to do this with our lives.

Below is a song they wrote and used for their first dance
Written by Stephen Carey / Victoria Carey / Ian Christian
Performed by Chris Bandi / Rikki Jo