Passenger Atlas is a close-knit community of traveling wedding & elopement photographers & videographers. Together we have traveled all across America pursuing our dreams. We strive to tell inspiring love stories. 

It is our sincere passion to connect with you on a personal level before anything else. We strive to be authentic people in the ways that we serve you through our gifts and talents. We realize what a true honor and privilege it is to document your vows. The day you get married is a very special and unique experience and we are committed to preserving that story for your children's children.



Being here on Earth is pretty weird when you really start to think about it. Why are we all stuck to this planet racing around the sun? It can be hard to identify our dreams and even more difficult to pursue them sometimes. Take it from me, though... It can be done. The main thing I want you to know about myself is that I want to make the most of my time. We are here for such as short time. If there's something you want to do, do it! If you need to reach out to a long lost friend or family member, do it! Connecting with people and experiencing places I've always dreamed of seeing inspires me. Interacting with people and hearing about their dreams jump-starts and renews my own passions for life, creativity and exploration. I love road trips, vintage cameras, playing guitar, writing in my journal, wine & beer, great food, and great company. So, let's hang out and get to know each other!

Let me tell you about my photographic experience: I have over thirteen years of professional experience, but this is how it all began... I was four years old, standing on top of ancient Indian mound in South Georgia with my father. We had taken a day trip to see the Native American historical site near our home for a Sunday afternoon adventure. My dad placed a vintage 1970s era Pentax film camera in my hands and asked me to take a picture of him. I will always remember that moment as the first time I ever took a photograph… It turned out a little crooked and blurry! When I was around thirteen years-old I saved my pennies for a Ricoh KR-5 Super II film camera. I cut my teeth on this camera and learned manual functions. The anticipation of awaiting prints from the developing lab was always exciting.

I photographed my first wedding when I was sixteen years-old, but the idea for Passenger Atlas didn't pop up until I was still in college. I mulled over the concept of a community of photographers and videographers for a number of years. I began working on bringing life to Passenger Atlas in the Spring of 2016. Passenger Atlas officially launched on January 1, 2017. We started doing wedding photography in Tifton, GA but have traveled photograph and video weddings in Nashville, TN; Estes Park, CO, Damascus, VA; Savannah, GA; Jacksonville, FL; Tallahassee, FL; Hickory, NC; Atlanta, GA; Huntsville, AL; Black Mountain, NC and many other places. Weddings are not my only areas of expertise, though. My passion is diverse. Creative Portraits, Music Groups, Editorial and Commercial photography are huge parts of what I do as well. Some artists I have had the privilege of working with include: AWOLNATION, Third Eye Blind, X Ambassadors, Sean McConnell, Mayday Parade, Silverstein, Stages and Stereos, Jobe Fortner, Austin French, Go Radio, Atlas Road Crew and many others. Traveling across the U.S.A. and Canada as a tour photographer and exploring seventeen countries really developed my interest for travel and culture. Most recently I spent several weeks in Southeast Asia accompanying an old friend on motorcycle adventures through mountainous terrain to connect with people in remote villages. My studio opened in 2009 in Tifton, Georgia and I have loved using it for shoots, editing and hosting art & music events. In the Spring of 2018 I signed a lease on an apartment in Nashville, Tennessee with hopes of taking my photography career down new paths. I do still maintain the studio in Georgia although I am transitioning it to be a creative shared space for other photographers and artists. Life is an adventure!

Personal Website:
Personal Instagram: @danielshippey

Favorite Cameras:

• Canon 5D Mark IV (DSLR)
• FujiFilm X-T1 (Mirrorless)
• Yashica Mat-124 G (Film)



I got my first real dose of music in sixth grade. A friend of mine made me a mix CD with all kinds of underground rock bands, and I immediately fell in love with music. I would spend hours on Yahoo! Music just watching music videos like “Ohio Is For Lovers” or “Dance, Dance”, thinking about how cool it would it be create something like that. Fast forward ten years and I’m living that dream.

In 2013, I started directing, filming, and editing music videos for small artists all over the southeastern United States. I was having the time of my life, living out the fantasy I had since middle school. In 2015, my journey eventually led me to my now good friend, Daniel Shippey. He gave me the chance to work on my first wedding film, and I’ve loved it ever since.

Since then, I’ve collaborated with Daniel and a few other creatives to capture the moments that mean the most to new couples. I love using the art of cinema to offer more than just a camera-on-sticks home video. I’m excited for this next chapter in our lives, and hope you’ll join us on the trip.

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Personal Instagram: @robargarthan

Favorite camera:

• Sony Alpha a7s II