What exactly is it that you do?
β–ͺ  We love being creative! πŸ’™ Creating photos and videos that are a little bit different than the run of the mill is our passion. We like to have fun and go exploring on great adventures! Sometimes we’re a little quirky, too! We are a team of wedding photographers and wedding videographers based in Nashville, Tennessee as well as Tifton, Georgia.

How much do your services cost?
β–ͺ  Our wedding collections start out at $2,500. One thing we have learned over the years is that every wedding is different. We offer various packages, or collections as we call them, that can be customized to so you can get exactly what you're looking for. All of our collections include Print Credit or Film Credit. These credit options allow you to choose photo and video options from our a la carte list up to the credit amount provided with the collection. For a full pricing list and additional information, please fill out the contact form or send an email.

Do you travel and does it cost extra?
β–ͺ  We absolutely love traveling! We have been coast-to-coast numerous times and have seen some beautiful places and met so many amazing people… So, when the opportunity comes up to drive or fly somewhere, our interest is piqued! πŸš™πŸ’¨

β–ͺ  Weddings within 100 mile radius, no extra charge for travel. πŸ›£οΈ

β–ͺ  Weddings with a 3-7 hours drive we ask for 2 nights of accommodations. We love Airbnb and cheap motels, by the way! πŸ—ΊοΈ

β–ͺ  If you're having a destination wedding reach out so we can talk about the details. Always, always willing to consider ways to make something amazing happen! 🌎

How much is the deposit?
β–ͺ  We require a 40% retainer fee to secure the wedding date. The remaining balance is due 21 days prior to the date of the wedding. We accept payment via Venmo (very convenient) and PayPal (also convenient). If you prefer to mail a check just let us know and we can provide you with further instructions regarding mailing.

Hotel/Airbnb Booking:
β–ͺ  We love driving, flying, or taking a train. πŸš—βœˆοΈπŸš‚ We need lodging for 2 nights (night before and the night of the wedding). Reserving two nights lodging for us insures that we are well rested and on time for your wedding. Some couples block hotel rooms for the wedding party and family and simply add another room or two for our crew. If you booked Photo or Video only then we will have 2 people in our crew. If you booked both Photo and Video we will have 4 people in our crew. We also are completely open to researching a reasonable hotel or Airbnb (which is often times cheaper) within a 15-20 minute drive from the wedding ceremony location. We always run the final cost of lodging by the couple for approval. πŸ›οΈ

We love your work and are ready to book, what do we do?
β–ͺ  If you’re good and ready to secure our services for your wedding date please contact us! Once we have your collection exactly like you want for your wedding we will send over a digital contract. We do require a signed contract. Once we receive the deposit, the date is yours! πŸ“

Can we meet you?
β–ͺ  We would be glad to meet you! If we happen to be in your area we would be thrilled to grab a coffee, whiskey, or beer with ya! If you are busy or if we aren't located near each other we can schedule a call. We also love Skype and FaceTime!

What kind of gear do you use?
β–ͺ  We use professional cameras, recording devices, and lighting.

Photography: Canon 5D Mark IV and FujiFilm X-T1 with various lenses including 24-70mm; 85mm; and 50mm
Videography: Sony A7s II with various lenses including 35mm; 85mm; and 50mm

Photography: We use 1-3 portable strobe lights
Videography: We use 1-3 portable LED lights
* We primarily use lighting during the reception or in low-light situations that may arise.

How is a wedding film created and who chooses the music?
β–ͺ  We love to have our wedding films reflect music that the couple enjoys. If you a specific musical style please let us know. Most popular songs are copywrite protected and require licensing to use. So, what we do in this scenario is search our music databases to find several songs which aren't as difficult to acquire. We then send you several options for you to select from. Music is important to the wedding films because it sets the overall mood and vibe of the video. Once we have the song selected, the editing will begin. Our editing process is thorough and looks like this: Editing, more editing, adjustments, and moving things around until the final touch has been applied. So, we make sure your wedding film is amazing! 🎞️

What is your turn around time for photography and video?
β–ͺ  We are able to complete most of our weddings within 2 months of your wedding date. Sometimes we are able to have everything sooner. With photography and videography, there is a lot of post production that simply has to be done to make everything looks magical. This includes hours of sifting through footage, selecting the absolute best shots, culling, color adjustment, editing and life in general! haha We always do our best to provide you with your final products as soon as possible.

Is it possible to have Full-Resolution Photos with Print Release?
β–ͺ  First off, yes, it is possible. The most important thing to understand is that asking for full-resolution images is similar to an artist providing not only for the painting but also the paint and brushes used to create it. So, we do require a Print Release to be purchased in order to acquire the Full-Resolution photos. A Print Release simply states that the photographer allows the couple to take the photo files to a print lab of their choosing to have the prints created. Full-Resolution photos are high quality images that can be used to make large prints. You may use a portion of your Print Credit to obtain the Full-Resolution images.

Is it possible to have the Raw, Unedited video files?
β–ͺ  Yes, it is possible. The main thing you need to know with raw and unedited image files is that you will see and hear everything, and we mean everything. Raw files are not the final product. They are footage of the wedding day that we sift through to find special moments and beauty. Raw footage is like a blank canvas with all of the paints and brushes sitting next to it. They have the potential to be a masterpiece but are still yet to be utilized to create something beautiful. These materials need to be crafted by the artist to form the final piece. So, all of that being said, raw footage includes on-camera audio (all the jokes, gossip, laughter, tears of joy, and people clearing their throats). Raw footage may also contain shots of the ground, out-of-focus clips, blurry clips while we are moving the camera, and so forth). Our editing process is what makes Passenger Atlas look like Passenger Atlas. We are able to create what we call a Feature Film. Feature  Films are 15-20 minutes in length as opposed to our usual 3-4 minute Passenger Atlas Film. You may use a portion of your Print Credit to obtain the raw video files.

What is the difference between the Feature Film and Passenger Atlas Film?
β–ͺ  The Passenger Atlas Film is also a 3-5 minute film that recaps all of the best and most special moments of your wedding day. We use parts from of the getting ready moments, the toasts, vows, ceremony, and moments of the couple together to create a love story in film format.
β–ͺ  The Feature Film is a 15 and 20 minute film similar to the Passenger Atlas Film but much longer and more detailed. It has moments where we leave in the audio from the camera in the final video to create a sense of time and space. The Feature also includes highlights from the getting ready moments, the toasts, vows, ceremony, and moments of the couple together. This video is edited in a slightly slow pace than the highlight video and is set to pace over the course of 3-5 songs.

"My wedding was amazing and you captured it perfectly! How can we leave a review?"
β–ͺ  We love hearing about how we served you on your special day! Reviews matter so much in the wedding industry. Word-of-mouth and a good review literally help us do life! So, if you would like to leave us a good review click here to do that! 😁