Alice + Johnathan

Johnathan was one of the first people I ever met when I moved to a small town in Georgia back in the middle of the 90s. Punk rock and Ken Griffey Jr. baseball video games were how we spent most of our Sunday afternoons as kids. Well, we grew up and started traveling the world a lot. He and I spent a summer in Barcelona, Spain together playing music and doing photography among other things. Johnathan stayed in Europe a lot longer than I did and upon his return he re-located to the Bay Area in California.

One Thanksgiving Johnathan brought his girlfriend Alice to Georgia to meet some old friends and family. I was going through a difficult time in my life but seeing Johnathan and meeting Alice helped bring light to my corner of the world. I could tell they were in love and would be married soon. Johnathan had told me years ago he wanted me to be in his wedding… I had no idea that I would be photographing it as well! HA! So, the Passenger Atlas crew of Robbie Grantham, Scott Strickland, Nick Shepard, and myself all convened at Saratoga Springs Venue in Saratoga, California to document the wedding. I was a Groomsman officially, photographer officially. Scott and Nick tackled photos when I couldn’t be in them. Robbie, as usual, was a master with the motion picture side of the storytelling. The day was beautiful and it reminded me just how much I cherish a Friendship that is really more like a Brotherhood. Into the future you go Johnathan + Alice!